This Week's Devotion

Sunday June 7, 2020





      June 4, 2020
I am doing what I can not to think of myself for it is quite depressing. So, I am trying to think of others instead of myself. As I lay in my bed I look up at a single light. It is 4’x2’ very clear bright light. I thought of my brother in law who is a little OCD for there is one bug 🐜 in the light. I don’t know what my brother in law would do laying here looking at that bug 24/7 for a week. O well, it’s sort of funny to think about.
Every time they take my temp. I think of my grandson. He was Face Timing me when they were taking my temperature the other night. He asked what my temperature was. The nurse told him it was 98.0. My grandson told me when my temp. got to 98.6, I could come home.
In my ten by ten room at St. Vincent East there is a cross on the wall in front of me. I appreciate it being there. The only thing is the Christ on this cross seems to be ascending into the heavens even while on the cross. Now every time I look at this cross, I remember the beautiful cross that illuminates our baptistery. I recall the hours that dedicated parishioner put into that cross before he would allow that cross in the church.
When I begin to think of all my disabilities right now, I think of all those who are voluntarily taking up the slack so that our church doesn’t miss a beat. Speaking of beats, just to the right of the cross on the wall in front of me hangs a big round clock. Each time I look at it I think of one of our good deacons who keeps so many things tick tocking in the church. Those who know me know that I can’t keep a clock running and I do keep a calendar up to date. Speaking of calendars, I am reminded of a certain woman in our church whose calendar is always full. She comes to my mind each time the staff changes shifts. The nurse will come and write on a board just below the cross, the day, date, the RN name, the MD name and the PCA name. So, like some other folks, they try to keep me organized whether I want to be or not.
I’m not sure if this is what the Lord means when he wants us to prefer others before ourselves, but I would much rather think on you than me. You all are precious to me. Can’t wait to see you.
Yours in Christ,
Brother Randy Burtrtam