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The Mission of Pleasant View Baptist Church, as a body of redeemed believers, is:

To provide, by the leadership of God's Holy Spirit, worship experiences through prayer, praise, fellowship, and proclaiming the Word of God.

To lead
lost souls to the saving Knowledge of Jesus Christ through preaching, witnessing, and the support of missions

To disciple
Christians through a nurturing atmosphere, proper teaching of the Holy Scriptures, and other activities that enhance the Christian experience


To support our community through prayer, encouragement and helping those in need.




Today's Devotion July 7, 2023



PSALM 68:4
            Who can ride upon the heavens?  God can.  Why not, he owns the heavens and the earth as well as all the fullness thereof?   This God who rides the heavens is our God.  We tend to worry more than we should for fear that we will not make it through our difficult times, our trials, or our valleys. But consider that we have the one who rides on the clouds helping us through our difficulties.
            One interpretation of this phrase suggests that it alludes to God’s leadership of the Children of Israel through the wilderness (Psalm 68:7).  There was no obstacle large enough or mighty enough to stop Him.  Our God is greater than pestilence, hunger, thirst, or armies.  Enemies from within or enemies from without cannot stand against our mighty champion.
            How do you explain such might?  Our text says that he rides on the heavens by his name JAH.  JAH is short for JEHOVAH.  The meaning of his name is SELF EXISTANT.  God is creator of heaven and earth and all its contents, but he was not created.  He is creator of all things.  We can rest assured that the creature is not going to rise up and overcome the Creator.  JEHOVAH or JAH exists eternally.  There is not a time that he is not.  His might is incomparable.   None can contend with his wisdom.  His love has delivered us from the very banks of hell.  It is true that our LORD is Almighty! 
            Our text instructs us to extol him, meaning to cast him up.  Never forget what God has done for you.  All the times you have been delivered, comforted, rescued, helped and aided by the mighty hand of God, should be remembered and acknowledged.  He deserves our praise.  We should lift him up in our worship.  “All hail the power of Jesus name.  Let angels prostrate fall.  Bring forth the royal diadem, and crown him Lord of all!”

            May God bless you today as you extol him who rideth on the heavens.

Yours in Christ,


Brother Randy Burtram
(Originally posted August 4, 2013)
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